Summer 2020
London Art Week 2018
Autumn 2017
Greek Vases and Master Drawings
An Exhibition for London Art Week 2017
Sarcophagus depicting the Hero Meleager
Art and Adornment: Treasures of Combat
London Art Week 2016 Exhibition
The Cernuschi Warrior
A Masterpiece From the Ancient World
The Venus of Fourviere Hill
Ariadne Galleries, 2015
Ariadne Galleries, Autumn 2014
Ariadne Galleries, Spring 2014
Ariadne Galleries, 2013
Dioscuri: Museum Collection, 2012
Ancient Art, 1996
Links to the Past, 1989
Byzantium, 1988
Light in the Age of Darkness
Greek Sculpture in Terracotta, 1986